July 2023

threads beat twitter

Meta’s Thread’s beat Historic Records:Twitter,ChatGPT,TikTok

July 10 2023 – Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta Platforms’. Twitter competitor, announced on Monday that Threads had overtaken ChatGPT as the fastest-growing online platform to reach the milestone after only five days of operation. Fastest Growing Consumer Application in History The app reached 100 million users significantly quicker than ChatGPT ,owned by OpenAI

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Xenobots: The Living Robots Shaping the Future of Ai

In recent years ,the field of robotics has seen remarkable Advancements ,particularly with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). However ,a groundbreaking Development has taken place with the creation of Xenobots ,a new class of robots constructed entirely from living tissues. Xenobots represent an extraordinary intersection of Biology and AI, offering immense potential for various

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